A new way to safari in Tanzania – With The Animals not the people

tanzania safari serengeti


The new Bush Rover Company, launched by leading Tanzania safari tour providers A Tent With A View, has been searching out the hidden gems of the great Serengeti eco-system to find bases for our luxurious mobile homes. They have found magnificent sites in the Ngorongoro highlands, where the world famous wildebeest migration comes to the traveller in splendid isolation. Trundling down massive valleys, between the crater strewn mountains of Ngorongoro, the wild animals move in complete harmony with the grazing herds of the Maasai, in an area all but untouched by tourist vehicles. Here it is possible to safari on foot, in the company of Maasai, among thousands of migrating animals, in the land that time forgot.

In the Western Corridor of the Serengeti, David Guthrie, founder of A Tent With A View has unearthed a gem of a spot to set up a Bush Rover camp. On the banks of the Grumeti, the elevated balcony of each Bush Rover affords wonderful views of the famous giant crocs, holding their territories in readiness for the feasting period when the migration instinct pushes vast herds to cross the river.

From this spectacular base, there are wonderful game drive tracks, seldom used but rich in wildlife the full year round. To find out more about this magical experience and have look at the tours on offer from A Tent With A View Tanzania safari tours visit, www.tentwithaview.com

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